Conformity assessment

LIFT Certificate TU-Sofia performs conformity assessment procedures according to Lift Directive 2014/33/EU of:

1. Lifts - according to procedures:

  • EU-Type examination for lifts (Module B)
  • Final Inspection for Lifts
  • Conformity based on unit verification for lifts (Module G)

2. Safety devices for lifts - according to procedures: EU-Type examination for safety components for lifts (Module B) and Conformity to type with random checking for safety components for lifts (Module C2) for the following safety devices:

  • Devices for locking landing doors
  • Safety gears with instantaneous and progressive action
  • Overspeed governors
  • Braking mechanism, as ascending car overspeed protection, as well as part of an unintended car movement protection system (UCM)
  • Energy-accumulating and Energy-dissipating buffers
  • Safety devices fitted to jacks of hydraulic power circuits where these are used as devices to prevent falls - rupture valves and one-way restrictors
  • Electric safety devices in the form of safety circuits containing electronic components
  • UCM detector boards
  • Unintended Car Movement Protection System (UCMP)

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